Min. order of 10 packets with $10 delivery charge. Free delivery above $90.

Mee Daging Pedas

6 persons20 minutes


1) Add 1 packet of Ikan Bakar paste

2) Add 2 cups of water

3) Add 100g of prawns

4) Add 100g of pre-boiled beef

5) Add fishballs

6) Add 2 tbsp of oyster sauce

7) Add 4 tbsp of chili sauce

8) Stir well! 9) Add sliced chili padi

10) Add sliced tomatoes and green chili

11) Add your choice of vegetables! 

12) Serve!


Asyura Ikan Bakar Paste


Pre-boiled beef


Oyster sauce

Chili sauce

Sliced chili padi

Sliced tomatoes

Sliced green chili